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You Lied
You used to call me baby
And say your words so sweet
Now you use my name like a weapon
Make me feel like an enemy
I gave you everything I had
And you tossed it all aside
Said you didn't want to erase me
But you just passed me by
Take the pencil from my hands
And erase you from my heart
Like you've erased me from your mind
And tore me apart
Take the bottle from your hands
And put me back in your arms
Back where I belong
Put me back into your heart
Haven't heard from you in forever
Hope you're doing okay
You've probably forgotten me
But I think of you every day
You've erased our conversations
You've gotten a new phone
I had to delete everything
And I still feel alone
Used to look at all our pictures
And remember what you meant
Now your name serves only to haunt me
And my sanity is spent
Take the pencil from my hands
And erase you from my heart
Like you've erased me from your mind
And tore me apart
Take the bottle from your hands
And put me back in your arms
Back where I belong
Put me bac
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The Way We Were
And it wasn't perfect
But it was beautiful
And beautiful was how you made me feel
And beautiful is how we were
Cause when it came down to it all there was was love
Beneath the petty fights
And all the useless tears
There was only love
Love we couldn't contain
And it exploded like nuclear war
Where the scars never quite fade
And the repercussions never stop coming
Because the love will always be there
And it will always hold the most bittersweet pain
Because we loved so much
It couldn't be contained
And I hope one day
We can still be beautiful
And the pain will fade and there will just be love
Because once there was you, there was no one else
You're all I ever dreamed of
And all I ever dream of
Is the beauty you saw in me
And the beauty of you
My beautiful boy, my beautiful man
And together we were beautiful
I hope one day that will be enough
Because there's beauty in imperfection
Maybe one day you'll see
And you'll miss being beautiful
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Breaking down
Some days are harder than others
But most days I wish I could die
And I remember how it was when I used to matter
But you still do
Most days I don’t think I’ll make it
And some I almost don’t
And I’ll never understand
How things fall apart
And I’m not in your arms
The only thing that ever made me feel better
And the memories
Are now only bullet holes
Used to be roses
But now they’re just thorns
And the days they just drag on for hours
And the nights are even worse
Cause I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
Every minute feels like a year
Without you
I never thought we’d come to this
I remember all the times
You held my hand
And brushed my hair back from my face
I remember the days, the nights, the moments
I fell asleep in your arms
I remember the first time you told me you loved me
And I’d write your name with a heart
I remember our first kiss
And I remember our last
I never thought we’d fall apart
And the memories
Are now only bull
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Misleading dreams
Crash through my nights
Hopes of things
Reveal inner fights
People who are gone
Still near
Not lost
But you said you were
I looked into your unchanged eyes
And your wave stained hair
Unchanged you were there
But you’re not here
Almost a year
And I’m still bleeding
The nightmares left
But I’m still beating
Up myself
How I couldn’t save you
Almost a year
And I’ll never forget
The crash and the burn
Of the day that you left
I’ll never forget the sound
The sound of a thousand hearts breaking
The sound of the world around me quaking
And often I think about
Ways I could have treated you better
Often I think about
All of the letters
I should have written
Yet, I never did
Often I think about
What I was doing
Wasting time
While you ran out
Almost a year
And I’m still bleeding
The nightmares left
But I’m still beating
Up myself
How I couldn’t save you
Almost a year
And I’ll never forget
The crash and the burn
Of the da
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Hold on
Faded faces in my mind
Smiles that should have stood the test of time
The sound of laughter in the air
Sudden swoosh then they’re gone
They were never there
And how do I keep these memories alive
How do I keep you here
When you were left behind
Hold on
I need you to hold on
Why you just let go
Oh why I’ll never know
Come back
Oh why can’t you come back
Please just talk to me
Just talk to me when I can’t breathe
Ice froze over our December hearts
Emptied the bellies of our November
Oh that harsh, that harsh December
I hear a faint hello in my ear
Every time I think
Every time I wish you’re near
Every time I look and you’re not here
Hold on
I need you to hold on
Why you just let go
Oh why I’ll never know
Come back
Oh why can’t you come back
Please just talk to me
Just talk to me when I can’t breathe
Tears fell down in waves
The waves that consumed you
And I fell down that day
You were the one I could never save
Hold on
I need you to h
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If my eyes were black
Do you think they’d still sting with tears?
Would I remember anything
Still live with all these fears
And if my eyes were black,
Maybe my heart would be too
Making it impossible to be in love with you
So bring on the stain
Cause I’m tired of the tears
And I’d like to forget you
After all these years
And maybe you’ll be
The last one I love
But I’d be okay with that
If my heart were only black
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 1 3
For the longest while
My dream was an orange Lamborghini
And another one in lime
And another in purple
But mainly that orange one
The perfect shade of orange
But I do not know how to
Get to orange
I do not know what my future holds
I have no drive to get there
Sometimes I don’t even care
Sometimes I want it to stop
Because I can see my life
Drifting away
And I don’t know where to direct it
I don’t know how to direct it
And I don’t know how to lead myself
To that perfect shade of orange
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Gone Forever
There’s gotta be something good
Coming round the corner
Cause these miserable days
Keep dragging on
There’s gotta be a break
Round the corner right
Cause I just can’t keep going on
Every time I take one step forward
It’s two steps back
And my thoughts keep going
Down the wrong track
I don’t know how much longer
I can keep
Holding on
Everyone says
It’s not the answer
But all I can see is a way out
There’s gotta be something better
I’ve been down for so long
There needs to be something better
Otherwise I’ll be gone forever
Every day I feel walked all over
People think I’ve got nothing to feel
Sometimes I see them look
Right through me
Like I mean nothing
I’m not real
But I won’t let them make me a doormat
Cause I’ve got nothing left
But my pride
And I’m running out of
Ways to hide
My desire to die
Everyone says
It’s not the answer
But all I can see is a way out
There’s gotta be somethin
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You Can't Take it Back
This was supposed to be
A year to change my destiny
So I don’t get stuck working
A 9-5
Sitting in the back doing all the work
So someone else gets the credit
Getting paid barely more than
Minimum wage
Working for a company
That’s got bullshit to say
But instead of having the year so free
I’m living at home
Getting paid to watch brats
While I watch all my hopes of a good future fall flat
And suddenly my life’s looking
Like a 9-5
Then stuck at home with three brats
Like a picture perfect wife
I don’t want no kids
Don’t want to see one never again
I want my own life
Want money to spend
I gotta find my way out of this
Hell I’ve fallen in
Give my family someone to be proud of
Not someone to resent
Gotta find some new friends
And quit all of my jobs
Gotta figure out what exactly’s in
This world I dream of
Gotta ditch the tears
Gotta stick the diet
Cause no one likes a girl with a high BMI
She’ll crush all her dreams
Faster than she’
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Lost Sister
The sister I once had
She would walk through the door
And I took her for granted
The sister I once had
Was never without a smile
I wish I had the courage to smile back
And then she’s gone
In an instant
And I think about these things
I wish I had tried harder
I can’t even remember saying goodbye
Though I do remember a fleeting thought
That “this is the last time”
Tracing the memories
Of a girl I grew up with
But barely knew
Living every day
With a hole in my heart
And I know she wouldn’t want this
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Unspoken words
I’ve been writing you songs
And shredding the pages
Because the words sound forced
And bitter
I’ve been jealous of her
Since you first said her name
Because of that look in your eyes
When you asked my opinion
I wanted to die
I could have lied
I wanted to lie
And say she’s no good
To be by your side
“Pick me,” I wanted to say
I’d be so much better
Now I’ll just have to settle
For writing unsent letters
And unsung songs
My taste in unavailable men
Unfortunately keeps going strong
But I just want to tell you
I like you. That’s all.
And I know it’s been wordy
And I’m sorry for that
I can’t seem to make the words
Capture what I feel
They fall flat
So I’ll just tell you I like you
That’s all
And I think that maybe
Instead of giving her the chance
You should give it to me
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 1 0
Kiss me
All night I stared at your arm around her
Wishing that was me
And I’m trying my hardest to hate her
But I can see what you see
She’s pretty and nice
And dresses cute
With a personality to match
And chic cowboy boots
What’s the difference between…
I’m wondering
Is it just first came first
And second always loses
Do I want you to know
Or should I keep hiding the bruises
And I’ve been beating myself up
And talking myself down
Waiting for you to get your ass out of town
So maybe you’ll miss me
I’m tired of being just one of the guys
I want you to get that look in your eyes
Thinking about me
I know I’m falling
Too hard too fast
Is this just an infatuation
Or will it last
All I request is that you take
Your arm off of her
And put it around me
Is it just first came first
And second always loses
Do I want you to know
Or should I keep hiding the bruises
And I’ve been beating myself up
And talking myself down
Waiting for you to get you
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 0 0
I’m sorry
If it seems like I’m overlooking you
Cause I am
And I can’t
I can’t take the time to think about
Why you did what you did
And I can’t take the time to think about
How you’re gone
And how you went
I can’t help but feel selfish
Over your selfish act
Did you think about me at all
When you had the courage to fall
I was already torn up
Then came another blow
Thought I didn’t know what loss was
Well now I know
Not only did I lose a sister
Now I’ve lost a mentor
Someone I really looked to
It’s been months now
But I can’t find the time
To find a place for you in my mind
My thoughts are filled with
How I could have saved her
Could I have saved you?
I wish you would have told me
How could I have known
All of this time
How you’d go
And it seems like my losses come in pairs
I can’t seem to escape
The pain
I can’t seem to escape
The blame
Rationally I know
Neither was my fault
I can’t be everywhere
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 0 0
Fini- Finished
There was a time when I
Wrote you love songs
And sent you messages with
Smiley faces at the end
There was a time I handwrote
You a twelve page letter
The only one I actually sent
There was a time
I confessed it all in
Drunkenly stumbled texts
While you texted your girlfriend
There was also a time when you dated everyone but me
Including all my friends
And I promise now
That's all over and done
You mean nothing to me
You've won
So here's one last song
It's not for you
It's for me
Not a message of what we could be
Just a record of my memories
We met at a summer party
I think it may have been may
And we had a gumball stuffing contest
It was a tie
We each fit nine
I remember to this day
And you had a Mohawk
Your summertime style
And I was smitten
When before I only knew you as the boy with
The crazy kitten
Months passed then I saw you again
On a consistent basis
Weekly Wednesdays and once in a while weekend
They all said you were perfect for a friend
Who will go unnamed
Ill admit you did g
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 1 0
Touched by an angel
I'm searching for words to describe
They're not there
How beautiful you looked with the sun in your hair
And the beauty wasn't just physical
It shined from within
The genuine warmth behind your grin
And you were living your dreams
Something we all wish we could do
So young and full of life
So many dreams to pursue
And so I say to you, my sister, my friend
I'll never let your legacy end
Forever you'll be inspiration
A picture of how we should be
Showed us how to care
Showed us a new way to see
And it's wrong that you've been cut short so soon
I'm lucky to have been touched by angel
I do believe I've been touched by an angel
You can see her in the light of the moon
Not a day goes by that I don't see her face
And remember her kindness, her grace
And not a minute goes by that I don't expect her
To walk through my door
But she doesn't live around here anymore
And somedays I like to think she's left behind
A part of her for me to find
Somedays I like to think she'll show me
How I
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 1 0
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United States
Alright. I dunno what to write for here. This is me. These are my songs. I like writing songs. I've been doing it since before I can remember. Sometimes I submit. Sometimes I don't.
I like to drive fast. I like to turn up my radio and drown out the sounds of the world.
I like to dye my hair. I get tired of things after a while.
I have trouble paying attention and my mind jumps around a lot.
I like to read.
I love to sing. I never stop.
I can think of a song to match pretty much anything someone says.
I feel like my parents are overprotective and sometimes I wish they would just stop asking questions and let me figure things out for myself.
I'm smart enough to be in all honors classes but I like just coasting by and doing what I want.
Winter is my favorite season.
The ocean is beautiful but it scares me.
Sometimes I arrogantly wonder how come people who aren't as good as me have more page views and watchers than I do. I still wonder this. maybe they're nicer.
I'm a huge flirt and sometimes it gets me in trouble.
My little brother means the world to me.
I'm daddy's girl.
I like to act crazy.
I fall down a lot.
I come up with some of the best ideas but then I can't do them because it's illegal.
I almost always have good dreams.
I love movies.
I'm ridiculously paranoid.
I'm a hopeless romantic.
I day dream.
I'm a dreamer in general.
I can love with all my heart.
Break my heart and it takes me years to recover.
I have anger management problems.
It makes me happy when people say I hit like a boy.
I like planning parties.
I'm always worried no one likes me.
I'm not happy with myself.
I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be who I want to be.

I'm not looking for drama. And I'm not looking for critique unless I ask for it. I write for the sake of writing. I write to keep myself from causing harm. I write because I write, for no one else's benefit but mine. So to recap: NO CRITIQUE UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR IT. I don't want to know how to make my work better. I like to see how I improve on my own.

Here are my views on people who submit their things to twenty thousand groups (it makes me want to murder them.)poke-me-if-you-dare.deviantart…

And lastly I'll say this: I am picky about what I favorite, but I rarely ever comment. If I have commented, you better feel pretty fucking special.

So here's to the dreamers, cause real life is shit, and dreams are all we have.
(This is an excerpt from one of the letters that I've been writing to my friend in Basic Training. I try to keep him thinking. I don't want all his personality and thoughts to get squashed out of him. I thought this would be an interesting excerpt to post here.)

I start with the notion: What is love? It's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately. 
Is it just an attachment we form by spending a lot of time with someone who is a great person? Is it something we decide? How does one know if they are in love? And why is it so easy to determine whether or not we love our friends but not our significant others?

I feel like I'm both afraid of love and lack of love at the same time. Then again, I'm also afraid of the area in between the two. Why is a thing that's supposed to be so wonderful so scary? I'm terrified.

I'm afraid of not loving enough. I'm afraid of being the one that loves too much. I'm afraid of not feeling anything. I'm afraid of not being able to tell if I do feel anything. Especially the last one.

What does love feel like? I want to say it, but I am afraid that I'd be wrong or lying without realizing it.

The only time that I have ever felt like I knew I was in love was when I found out that they didn't love me back. The pain told me that it was love. I only know how to tell love through pain, and that scares me. It scares me that I won't know that I'm in love until I've already lost it. 

So I pose to you this question because maybe you know: What is love? How do we find it? How do we recognize it? How do we keep it? Is love an actual presence, or do we think it up in our minds? Is it something we can physically feel?


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